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I never thought I was capable of pushing myself to my limits, let alone beyond them and I would not have been able to do so if it wasn’t for Steph.

– Kelly McInerney -

Stephanie is knowledgable and professional and is a pleasure to work with. Anyone looking for a trainer should talk with Stephanie.

– Mary Pike -

I look forward to every session with you and seeing the results. Thank you Stephanie for caring and making me feel so much better about myself and body.


– Cherryl Gottwald -

I FEEL really good because of Stephanie. She has helped me regain confidence in myself. She is the BEST!

– Catherine C. Reeves -

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine and she asked me what I would miss most if I moved. I thought about it and then said, “Stephanie my trainer.” I’m not sure I will be able to replace her. Thanks Stephanie for all the hard work and great results!


– Roseann La Brie -

If I Can Do It, So Can Anyone! With Stephanie’s guidance, training and support, Iʼve gone down two pant sizes and look thin as I did in High School! Thatʼs NUTS but a great feeling! Iʼm almost 40 and to be the same size I was twenty years ago shows me that what you have to offer really works!

– Russell Haigh -

Stephanie Mola Rocks! She knows her stuff. Iʼve worked with her for eight months and have yet to be bored or disappointed. She is creative and flexible, both literally and figuratively.  She is very accommodating with my schedule and my many changes. I have enjoyed working with her immensely!

– Cristine Boyd -

In simple terms, Stephanie is one of the most inspirational people I have met and as such she has made my life outside our time together more rewarding.  I am not just a healthier person today, I am a happier person. Stephanie is a rare individual.

– Teresa Sanman -

I have been using Stephanie as my personal trainer for approximately five months.  The most important benefit that I have gotten from working out with Stephanie is a huge boost of self esteem! I feel good about myself and I like the changes that I am seeing. I will continue to work out with Stephanie – now I can’t imagine not working out with her. I highly recommend Stephanie. She listens to your personal goals and helps you to achieve those goals.

– Now I can't imagine not working out with her - Audra Kirk - Audra Kirk -